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Mega Plus PCB, Inc.

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The Go-To Choice for PCB Assembly, Manufacturing, and Delivery

At MPPI, our principal goal is to exceed customer expectations. We are fully committed to providing quality services and products throughout the PCB assembly, manufacturing, and delivery process. Simply put, we measure quality based solely on your satisfaction. MPPI operates in full compliance with the following standards and regulations:

  • ISO 9001-2015
  • IPC 2013, Class 1, 2, and 3
  • IPC 6010
  • ITAR
  • IPC 6012
  • RoHs

Quality Policy

When it comes to circuit board engineering, manufacturing, and fulfillment, our company provides products and services of the highest possible standards to satisfy our customers' needs and their expectations of quality, reliability, and service. We apply a "Zero-Defect" philosophy in everything we do.

14-Point Inspection

We provide a complete inspection of all finished boards to make sure that your specifications are met. We also ensure that we fulfill all IPC standards about board dimensions, hole and slot sizes, board thickness, and board finish.

  1. Complete accuracy analysis of customer design (computer-aided design).
  2. Troubleshooting checklist, customer follow-up, and check plot (prior approval by customer, if requested).
  3. Inspection of "First Article Panel" after drilling procedure to ensure IPC-A-600 and customer specifications.
  4. Complete Inspection of all panels after PTH (Plating through Holes) to confirm there are no bad or void holes or any debris.
  5. Complete Inspection of all panels after film development to confirm there are no scratches or any underdevelopment.
  6. Complete Inspection of all panels after film stripping to confirm there are no film chips remaining on panels.
  7. After etching checkpoint to confirm no under/over-etching.
  8. Cross-Section analysis of every order to confirm quality and proper distribution of copper plating.
  9. AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) after tin stripping process to confirm that there are no shorts or circuitry openings.
  10. Complete Inspection of all panels after LPI (Liquid Photo Imaging) process to ensure that there is no solder mask remaining on the pads.
  11. Complete Inspection of all panels after finishing process (Lead-Free, HASL, Flash Gold, ENIG, or Silver Immersion) to confirm no black or mask on pads.
  12. Complete Inspection of all panels after IDENT process to ensure cleanliness of pads before final baking process.
  13. Complete Inspection after routing process to ensure customer specifications are met.
  14. Electrical testing to ensure integrity of circuit (no shorts or open circuits).


UL Registered Firm
Certification# 10008685