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Welcome to Mega Plus PCB, Inc.

Mega Plus PCB, Inc. was established in 2002 as a key supplier of printed circuit boards. Our goals and efforts are dedicated to being a PCB supplier that can deliver top quality printed circuit boards with best price from Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex PCB, design, and assembly of PCB technology that is best suited for our customers’ needs.

With over 25 year of experience in the electronic and printed circuit boards industry, our highly trained personal ensures quality work of all printed circuit boards from planning, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and timely delivery of products to one’s company.

We have successfully served complex Flex, Rigid-Flex, and Rigid PCB designs for various applications such as: Aerospace, Military/Defence, medical, environmental, automotive, test and measurements, consumer electronics, and telecommunications industries for many years.

Mega Plus PCB, Inc. complies with IPC, ISO, UL, and ITAR Standards and continues to provide quality and excellent service.